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Installing Plugins on both Windows and Mac?

Question asked by cynthiablue on Aug 24, 2018
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I'm building an application and using the RunTime and compiling it for both Windows and Mac. ( Yeah I know runtimes are depreciating)


I've never installed a plugin before, and I'm installing the Base Elements Plugin so that I can have my RunTime send SMTP emails on Windows.


I usually develop on my Mac, and I've installed the plugin in FM 16 on my Mac in the developer file.  My questions are this. 


Do I have to install the Plugin on the Windows file too?  When I copy the .fmp12 file to Windows where I run the utility to generate the RunTime, I'm wondering if the plugin comes with, or do I have to install the Windows copy of the plugin on Windows itself?


Also, so I need to keep the container field that I used to install the plugin?  Or is the container field only for the installation, and after it's installed is it really used anymore?