First Steps in FileMaker

Discussion created by bobmc12300 on Aug 25, 2018
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I'm not an IT Guy, but love computers. I took a few FileMaker classes on the platform, and now my sole responsibility at work is creating a tracking system where there is none.We do all the work for the state lottery, except draw the numbers. Now we are about to replace every POS unit in the state. I'm tasked with tracking everything from POS components to phone calls. I've done all the development work on my personal copy of FMPA 16.

The company finally purchased licenses for FMP 17 & server.

Now I am trying to learn how to upload the server, (our IT dept will do that I think even though they stated they do not support FM), and learn how to manage the FM Server admin duties along with WebDirect.

As I know there are skill levels from rookies like me, to people like John Mark Osborne in this community, I welcome any comments and advise. Especially Advise.