Import Records script in WebDirect

Discussion created by on Aug 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2018 by Johan Hedman

In building a script to import user names from an Excel spreadsheet into my application in WebDirect (16), I discovered some interesting issues:


1) If the spreadsheet has more than 1 worksheet/tab, the import gets confused on which tab to use (and doesn't ask like the desktop app does).  Using a spreadsheet with one worksheet having the column names match, exactly, the field names in the target table seems to work the best.(took a while to figure this one out)


2) Although the "With Dialog:On" is not supported for WebDirect, after selecting the file, it opens a window to match the spreadsheet column names with the target table field names (this is helpful)


3) When the script step runs, it asks for the spreadsheet file to be imported (nice)


4) It appears that you can select a file on the desktop client and set the parameters and it will remember this (except the file name) when you run the script step in WebDirect.


None of this seems to be documented on the Help Site.  Is there any other documentation on this feature?