Permanent Sort Order for a Hosted File

Discussion created by giordano on Aug 25, 2018
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What I want is really simple. I want to open my solution, and instantly see my records listed in alphabetical order. Apparently, FileMaker Server and Cloud are still not capable of that.


I sort my list by name. Then I create this script step:

Sort Records [ Restore ; With dialog : Off]


When I open the solution in a web browser (WebDirect), the effect is exactly what I want. It just opens that way, alphabetically sorted. However, using FileMaker Go or using FileMaker Advanced on my local machine, the list always appears unsorted, and then forces me to wait a full minute while it re-sorts the records.


Richard Carlson says that’s because FileMaker Cloud does the sort on the server, whereas the local application does the sort on the local device. But, if that’s true, the local sort should be even faster.


So, am I right in assuming this?

FileMaker cannot retain a sort order across launches of the file. The execution of a slow script is the only way that FileMaker is capable of automatically showing a list in the  order in which it was last sorted. It needs to execute the sort every time the file is opened.