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import multi tab XSLX file from Webdirect on FMCloud

Question asked by stefanboy on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by stefanboy

Hi all,

Our company has a standard Excel file to be uploaded every month by multiple people using WebDirect

The file contains multiple tabs and each must be computed by the FileMaker database.


IMPORTANT : the file is hosted on a FMCloud server.


QUESTION : what solution do I have to allow the user to upload their file only once via WebDirect but to get the server work on the file to import each the tab one by one.


That seems simple at first, but I ran into the following problems when investing solutions :

- having the imported file go in a container field  and then launching a PSOS to work on it from the server (but the  Export Field Content script step is not supported on PSOS/FMCloud)

- trying to do the import from the client session on webdirect : but the user would need to upload their file as many times as there are tabs on the Excel Sheet


It seems to me such a simple thing to do in FileMaker I am going crazy not to find a "normal" way of doing it...


Has anyone an idea ?


I thank you in advance for your ideas.


Best regards.