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FileMaker Licensing, back in the days of version 15

Question asked by planteg on Aug 26, 2018
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I will shortly begin a project for a customer that is running at this time version 15, client and server. The only way they work with FM files is using FMP or FMPA, no FM Go, no WebDirect and no CWP. They have a concurrent licence for 15 connections. Back in those days, can't tell if it's the same today, each copy of FMP / FMPA came with a license to connect to the server. But then, why did they need to buy 15 concurrent licenses, unless there is something that changed with version 15. Note that I need to see the documents, but my guess is that all I told about is right.


Now back to 2018. FileMaker is now selling a platform and not products anymore. I have few questions:


  1. Can one upgrade a server as one can upgrade FPM/FMPA ?
  2. If for some reason they wish to stay with concurrent connections, can they get FMS 17 at an upgrade price, or do they need to pay full price ? I never heard of upgrade price for FMS.
  3. My guess is that they better go with FUL where they get FMPA for free. Am I right ?