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Link and Auto Enter Field between 2 Tables

Question asked by captaincripps on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi Guys,


I have 2 relating tables, Enquiries and Projects. They represent different stages in the sales process. A Sale is an Enquiry until a PO is received, it will then become a project.


On our projects layout we have a drop down which allows users to select the relating enquiry (see below)


Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 13.32.21.png


Pressing this number will allow you to link back to the enquiry referenced:

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 13.33.19.png


As you can see, the Project Number is blank. It is set up to lookup the PO number created:


Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 13.45.31.png


The field however as seen does not autofill. Is there any way to set this to autofill and then link it back to projects. The purpose is just to create a quick link whereby you can check back to enquiry info through the enquiry number, and can return back to the relevant record on the projects layout.


I have the following script set up, but this does not work on a button either. Please see my relationships too.


Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 13.42.50.png


Projects to Enquiries (Works fine)

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 13.38.09.png


Enquiries to Projects (not linking and needs the auto enter data or a button)

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 13.38.36.png


If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated, many thanks.


Kind Regards

- Cripps