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I need a fresh set of eyes and clearer minds, so hoping someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.


This is a client's database.  They are finally upgrading from FMP 8, to FMP 17.   They asked me to put a quick layout together sorted by month.  Their due date field is Text field so they could type in the date as mm/dd/yy and then put in an annotation if needed.


I created 4 calculated fields off of the date due field.   1st:   c_DateDue is simply a calculated field which is a GetAsDate calculation of their Date Due text field.   2nd.   c_DateDueMonth is a Calculated field that gets the Month Number of c_DateDue field.   3rd c_DateDueMonthName is a Calculated field that gets the Month Name of the c_DateDue field and 4th c_DateDueYear which is a Calculated field that gets the Year of the c_DateDue field.  


Easy enough...


The client needs a report which sorts the line items by Due Date, breaking on Month.


What I am showing here is just a snapshot of copy of the layout I created that shows their original Date Due field, plus the calculated fields I created. The 3rd column is the clients date due field, the 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th are the calculated fields I created.     In BROWSE, all is fine.




In Preview, however, this happens:




Have I broken a very simple FileMaker rule that I just seem to have forgotten at the moment?    I tried changing c_DateDue to a date field (instead of it being a calculated field) and then replaced the values in the field with the calculation GetAsDate(Date Due) and that had no effect.    I have 2 sub summaries on the layout, 1 for the Year & one for the Date Due Month and everything is sorted correctly.     I have tried this both in FileMaker 16 & 17.


Any thoughts?