Accessing the Host and opening files extremely slow in FMS 17

Discussion created by davidwheelock on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by Koen Van Hulle

HI all,

I just upgraded a client's MacMini server from FMS 16 to 17 and install a new SSL certificate. Once files are open, the performance seems to be decent. But . . .

Opening files is maddeningly slow compared to v16. Examples:

- In the Hosts window, when I select this server, I beachball for ~35 seconds before I see the dialog to authenticate onto the server. Once I authenticate, it's another 25 seconds before I'm presented with my list of hosted files.

- Then selecting the file I want to open, and wait another 25 seconds to authenticate at the file level. Once I authenticate the file, it opens instantly.

- Opening a file in WebDirect seems to be at normal speed.


My hunch is that something may be amiss with you SSL cert, but it installed without issue, and we are fully encrypted in both FileMaker Pro and WebDirect. Once again, Performance has always been great on this machine, and our connection is super fast. We had no issues before the upgrade.


Any thoughts, suggestions are very much appreciated.