Restore deleted records containing Secure external storage

Discussion created by mike13a on Aug 29, 2018
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I have a database that utilizes external secure storage for a container in a Documents table.

Someone accidentally deleted about 6 records from the table.

I need to restore those records from backup.

I have a Progressive backup with the external container folder that is also backed up that contains the records that were deleted.

I open that from the Progressive backup folder and can see the records but the container shows <Missing: Document name>  for all of the documents that i need to restore.


I have seen various threads regarding restoring the records that seem to indicate I need to move the file and the external folder to the original hosting location in order to restore them.

Is it possible to restore the 6 records I need out of 68000 without disrupting the live file?


Can it be done offline on another computer?

If so, can someone provide guidance?  I can't seem to get to the data so far.