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Does Filemaker Local Notification return script run if FM GO isn't?

Question asked by JamesDiPaoloSmith on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by JamesDiPaoloSmith

So I just spent a bit of time learning the new Configure Notifications script step. What I'm wondering is why I can't seem to get the notification to run the associated script if I leave and close the filemaker go app. I'm not sure if this is something deliberate, or simply a flaw in my understanding of the terminology.

Allow me to further elaborate:

On the filemaker help page, it's stated that in the returned script parameter, the third line would display as follows:

1 if FileMaker Go was in the foreground when the script was queued; 0 if FileMaker Go was in the background when the script was queued.


I've tested this new script step by first creating a notification and ...

1) leaving filemaker go open and in the foreground, which performs as expected (the notification doesn't display, but the script runs and a 1 is displayed as the foreground parameter)

2) leaving the filemaker go app and sitting on the home screen of my iPhone (or turning off my phone, producing the same result), which displays the notification and runs the script and diplays a 1 with regard to the filemaker foreground parameter

3) leaving the filemaker go app and starting up another app, which performs no different than in the above scenario

4) closing the filemaker go app (double tap home button & swipe up on FM GO), which will run the notification, however when I click on anything meant to bring filemaker to the foreground to run the post notification script (either any button I create, or the notification itself), it simply takes me to the filemaker go launch page. It opens the app, however fails to open the database where it originated and run any post scripts.


Is this an intended design as of the newest FM build, or could I be doing something wrong? And why, regardless of if I have filemaker in the background or the foreground, is the return script parameter telling me that I have the Go app in the foreground when the notification was queued (displaying a 1 for the 3rd script parameter row for cases 1,2 & 3)?