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Relating a Session Table to an Activity Table

Question asked by FilmUser on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by philmodjunk

I have set up a scanning operation for an archiving
activity. Scanning is done on one computer with one scanner, by several
employees, each logging into the computer and FMP as themselves, to track the
scanning activity. Management would like to keep track of all the time scanning
by each employee.


Items are scanned, each one having several scans (different
documentation, etc). When beginning each item scan, the user runs a button
fired script, which does a number of things, including setting a “begin” timestamp
to begin that item scan, and the account name is used to set the person
scanning each item. When completing all scans for that item, another button
completes the item, performing a number of entries, including and “end”
timestamp for the item. Calculation and summary fields provide the collective
info in a summary report – all good.


We have realized, though, that there is a lot of time when
doing this work, that an actual item scan clock is not ticking – between scans,
software issues with the scanner, cleaning the scanner, questions about the
material, etc., but we want the total time to be measured.


I have set up a separate table called “Sessions”, to measure
the total time from the beginning of the first item scan to the end timestamp
for each session, entry for these driven by button scripts from the main table,
incorporated with other script steps. I have related the two tables so that the
report, sub-summarized by worker, with the Primary Key of the Sessions table
being the match field. I will need this Key to be entered into each record of
the Item table as scanning is done, for each item, even though the session
timestamps are done only once per session (many items per session).


I thought about creating a Global field in the main table,
which would be set (by script) to the primary Key of the session when it
starts, then each time a worker scans a new item, a script run during the
scanning will set the Key into the scanning table record from the global, then
the global is reset next session, or at new log in.


Does this make sense?


Sorry for the long post, but I want to be clear.