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ODBC connection sql server

Question asked by gloris on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by gloris

In my server called: "myserver"

i have two istance ("MS SQL server") called:

1° "ist_01"  with  DB: "db01" and table "mytablename"

2° "ist_02" with  DB: "db02" and table "mytablename"


I created a 64bit ODBC called "myODBC" with these connection parameters:

Server: "myserver/ist_01"

DB: "db01"

Now In FM I connect to this source and i can connect the DB table: "mytablename"



I change the ODBC connection parameters:

Server: "myserver/ist_02"

DB: "db02"

Open my file FM and the "mytablename" lost connection


do you have any solution?