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FMP17 sleep reconnect authentication failure

Question asked by ErichWetzel on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2018 by user19752

- FMS 17 authenticating to a MacOS Server Open Directory. All running on Macs that meet required specs for each system.

- Databases set to reauthenticate in Extended Privileges after 10 minutes of sleep for specific user group being tested.

- Log in as user in test group.

- Sleep for less than 10 minutes and reconnect works great.

- Sleep for more than 10 minutes and reconnect authentication fails saying that the test user is not authorized. Full-Access users can reconnect.


-FM Go 17 reauthenticates without issue.


Resolution is to disconnect and fully relogin from scratch. Unfortunately, the full restart of the DB forces a lot of questions and setup details that the user should not need to go through again because we want a reconnect to last status like in FM Go allows and reconnect before the reauthentication time-out permits.


The security benefit of a reauthentication is preferred to simply allowing a user that has been asleep for a long time to reconnect.


Any thoughts?


Thanks - Erich