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Node.js REST service guide (for dummies)

Question asked by ibrahim_bittar on Aug 30, 2018
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I need to find a way to digitally sign XML files using the XADES-EPES standard.


There are a number of solutions ranging from a fully fledged Java class to a Node.js solution. In both cases I'm in the dark.


Is there a charitable soul who can give a step by step guide to setup a server with this service?. The idea is to send a REST request with the XML document, the P12 certificate and receive the signed PDF.


This is the link for the Java class: GitHub - luisgoncalves/xades4j: A Java library for XAdES signature services


This is the link for Node.js: Node.js Create XAdES-EPES Factura Electrónica Signature


Thanks in advance.