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Discussion created by lolli_group on Aug 31, 2018
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I need to use MySQL, because prices for Filemaker Server in Cloud are really too high for little projects.

I have a very simple DB - that I use as example - and each record has some fields and a container field with PDF.

I'd like to store PDF in MySQL, because I pay for this common DB less that the same space for Filemaker.

No problem to see and connect DB FM and MySQL with ODBC, but is there a way to ADD from Filemaker a new record, so the record with container field is added in MySQL DB and not in FM Server DB ?


Hope this is clear. This DB is over 100 Gb, and 99% of space comes from container fields, 1% are record's fields (text or date).

I would like to keep Filemaker, but I cannot spend so much in Filemaker space. I tried with most common FM hosting, but price is quite the same.


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