printing issue with FIlemaker Server 17 (client FM PRO 15)

Discussion created by abermann on Aug 31, 2018


I upgraded to from FMS16 to FMS 17 4 days ago; since that time I have a printing issue with my FM database, when I print (with a script that has been running without problems for years) from the Mac client (FM PRO 15): only about two thirds of the invoices that should be printed, are actually printed. Never had this issue before. The printing process is also much slower than it used to be with FMS 16.


FMS 17 is installed on an iMac 2009

Client is the same iMac (High Sierra since 2 months; never had this problem in these 2 months before).

Samsung printer has been the same for the last months.


Any ideas?


DO I Have to go back to FMS 16 which would be annoying...?


Thanks in advance, Christoph