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Sum of Averages

Question asked by amsc on Sep 1, 2018
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I have a sub summary report where the detail shows the current day's transactions.  In those transactions, I show X month averages for historical transaction levels.  The X simply means that the user can specify where to start the averaging from.  I'm accomplishing this through a self-join relationship:


reporting table                                                   self-join-table

g_date_averaging. ----------  <=  ------------    date

partnerID  -------------------- = ---------------   partnerID


There is a summary field that gives me the average for that time period and I have that field from the self-join TOC on the report. This part works perfectly.


What I'm racking my brain over is trying to total those fields on the sub_summary section.  (i.e. I'm trying to show the total of those averages for this batch).  Any suggestions?  I'm on FM16.