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FMS Can't Host File - Error 627 / (212)?

Question asked by Smef on Sep 3, 2018
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Hello Everyone,


I'm getting a strange error when hosting a file on FMS. The file passes all validation, uploads file, opens fine in FMP, and doesn't appear to be corrupted. When the file is hosted on FMS, FMS is unable to open the file to make it available for access. FMS throws the error -


Error 627 EC2AMAZ-QKCBDFR Unable to open database "xxxxx" (212)


I believe that 627 is just "unable to open database," which isn't too useful.


Error 212 is "Invalid user account and/or password; please try again," but this doesn't seem to make any sense in this context. This is not an encrypted file, and this error is being thrown when trying to open the file for hosting, not actually log into it.


To clarify, this error is not from a user trying to log in - this is just FMS itself opening the hosted file so that it can be accessed by clients.


Has anyone seen this before? Any insight would be appreciated!