EC2 T2-medium to T3-Medium upgrade

Discussion created by pfroelicher on Sep 2, 2018
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With FMS17 it was no longer possible to run FMS on a macMini with macOS Server installed. I did just that for 7 years on a Mac mini 2010 and it was a lot of bang for the buck for our 5 user team.

In June I moved our installation to a AWS EC2 t2-medium installation. . We where quite happy with the setup, which was in the São Paulo Region, next to our office and speeds where similar to our in house 2010 Mac mini I5 server setup.

After two month I also know how much it really cost. 90USD/month (left running 24/7).. which is a lot compared to a new macMini which is 500USD.. but then... one point of failure and all.. I slept much better with everything at AWS.

Last week we ran again some reports for our Inventory report and it took 4 minutes to run.

I tried yesterday to figure out why this report takes so long, I spun up a t2-large, which reduced from 4 to 3 minutes.. still too much. Now I set up the server to a T3-medium and will test next week to see how much it will cost (they do not even inform the pricing yet of these machines??) and if it is worth speed wise.


Is it worth upgrading the machine to t3-medium, worth to t3-large? (5 person shop, no web direct, ) Better stay with t2?

Is it worth to upgrade to Windows Server 2016? (Now I use 2012R2).


My next project is to test either "Reserved Instances" to cut cost in half.. and/or  "instance scheduler" which is the AWS way of turning the machine which costs by the hour, off at night, weekends and holidays. Haven't quite managed that yet, Lambda, RDBs Database, Cloudwatch and all...AWS alone must have added 200 + new nouns to English in the last years.. hehe.

Any suggestions?