Web Direct is better than it appears.

Discussion created by bigtom on Sep 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by bigtom

I have always seen FMP clients as a "better" way to deploy a solution than Web Direct, but I have recently changed my mind on this view. Sure there are some things that do not function in WD and layouts need to be a little simpler, but there is a huge benefits to Web Direct over FMP(A) deployments.


Support is the thing that people often overlook when thinking about deployment. It has been my experience that 75% of support I deal with is for install of the FMP client and connecting the FMP client to the solution files. Web Direct requires a little more server hardware to function, but the cost is often less than what it takes to manage the FMP client support.


No more AI or MSI configuration. No more hassle with Snapshot Links and locked toolbars. No more issues with adding hosts or files. No more issues with the File>Open Recent saying the file does not exist. Users can connect from any device with web access. No need to manage a bunch of software installs. No Windows font issues.


I understand there are some instances where having FMP is necessary, but since most of my development over the past few years has been toward SPAs there is no real need for additional windows. The lack of card windows is a bummer and that is the major benefit of FMP over WD if you need them.


Aside from that, WD is very smooth and needs much less user support. I have been pretty happy with it. Clients are happy with it aside from the inability to remove "/fmi/webd" from the URL. Maybe we will get that option one day.