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Discussion created by onecb on Sep 3, 2018
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Hi all,


I'm using FM Pro 17 Advanced.

I would like to use the Insert URL function to look up book details from a scanned ISBN. I will then store the book details to track book we have in our children's school library.


I know how to get the scanned ISBN store it and then use it as a variable, however I do not understand the API as defined by the site I want to use, or how to configure the Insert From URL options in FM Pro.


1. Can anyone help me provide an example lookup to this API indicating how I should complete the Insert From URL Options. I really only need the Title, Author(s) and Year, although an image would alos be great but I guess that may require a different lookup and be stored in a container field ?

I specifically don't understand the 'curl' aspects at all, and have had trouble understanding it from documentation.


2. I understand that depending on the response data format, there maybe some easy (ish) ways to parse the data for the returned fields I want to extract. Any guidance / pointers as a start point would be a great help.



The service I'm looking to use is Open Library. Their developers API details are here : Open Library RESTful API | Open Library