Taking GDPR too far...

Discussion created by psijmons on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2018 by Peter Wagemans

When new FMI license codes are send to my licensees, I used to be included in the cc so that I would know that the codes were being made available. As a SOP, I follow this up with an email to the CEO, not to worry, I will take care of all things and update where necessary. More often then not, the CEO was not even aware of the initial email as it went straight to the spam box, was intercepted (and discarded) by a secretary or local IT, but since the CEO has the orignal mandatory signature, that address is used. This didn't matter as long as I knew what was happening and could act accordingly.


At least in Europe (or at least in my domain of FMI processing), this is no longer the case. I do NOT get a cc because of privacy reasons and the new GDPR laws that give strict rules on the use of email addresses. I don't know who the lawyer was that advised FMI in this respect, but he/she should do their homework better. This is an absolute rediculous interpretation of GDPR. The licensee has a business relation with MY company and FMI in a sort of triangle relation. All 3 parties are well aware of each others existence and mutual relation. There is no way that putting my email address in a cc in the case would be a breach of privacy.


I would very much appreciate if FMI would cancel this decision a.s.a.p. so I do not have to waste time chasing license codes.