FM17 Summarizing Fields Always after new Record Creation.

Discussion created by bwaege on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by beverly

We are testing our application to move up to FM17.

We create a new record in FM17 (via a script) and it always summarizes all the summary fields for the table. (32,000+ Records)


We can run the same script in FM15 and it immediately creates the record and no summarizing fields appears.

We can duplicate this issue on both Mac and Windows Client Machines.



We are still running FM15 Server.

We run FM Server on a Mac Pro with High Sierra

We also run SuperContainer



We have tested the record creation on both Mac and Windows Machines with Same Results.  No summarizing on FM15 and always Summarizes on FM17

The problem also occurs in FM16

We have created a layout with just the record ID field -  (Therefore no summary fields on the layout)

We have limited the record count to just the new record and it still summarizes all (32,000) records.