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Can you do THIS through Google Calendar with Filemaker?

Question asked by BuzzardJunction on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by 360Works

I’ve seen tutorials on syncing Google Calendar.  My task seems more extensive than what I’ve seen so far. Basically, I'm not looking for step-by-step instructions just want to know if this is something that’s possible without plugins…a really general idea of how to proceed.  Let me give you some context.


We have a master Google calendar from which we create a person’s “official” Google calendar and share it with them.  Boss likes doing things this way.


Our appointment center has access to all of these sub calendars.  There are two things we want to do. I’m certain FM can accomplish the first just fine....what I'm concerned about is 2).

  1.   Have an appointment sync to a SPECIFIC calendar in Google Cal.
  2.   The app should be able to see all salesperson's availability based on the appointments they have scheduled in Google Calendar, and display those gaps in a value list per salesperson.

I know that there are some great FM calendars where you could do this natively.  Seedcode has one that looks pretty awesome.  However, we have a number of subcontractors that work for us, and, frankly, we’d rather keep them out of our app.  Most of them have Google calendar already, and utilizing it would be the most convenient way of doing things.  We're not crazy about the idea of having 80 or 90 more users who are only marginally connected to our company.