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FMS and record locking: clarification

Question asked by wxtyrs on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by philmodjunk

I have some question about how FMS handles record locking:


>> Do record locking issues (301) pertain to records that are both (either) read and written?


Presumably it depends partly on the technique used to "read" the data.


For example, I have tables that look up info in one reference table. 


Data are read from the reference table, but never written back to the reference table.


Though a single-user app, I use Server to concurrently do the data lookups where applicable.


Where possible I use eSQL routines.



>> Does record locking behavior differently depending on the technique used?


eSQL ; related value Lookup ; related calculated auto-entry from a related field ; Replace Field Contents ; etc.


The assumption here is that record locking is an issue whether the data are read and/or written.


Presumably a routine to handle record locking issues might be a look which (1) identifies the error, (2) records the record number and, after some duration, then (3) restarts the loop from that record.


Thank you for the clarification.