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Sign Language Bingo Needs Unique Number

Question asked by matthew.willey on Sep 4, 2018
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I'm developing a Sign Language Educational tool.

I have a table of sign language signs (about 90 so far, but I'm adding to it a bit at a time). Call it "signs".

I want to use these signs to develop a game of bingo.

I want to play bingo with about 40 people, so that's 40 records in a related table called "cards".

I want twelve sign diagrams to appear at random on the 40 records in a 3x4 grid.

I want each record to have a random selection of twelve signs from the main table of "signs".

I need a script to populate 12 number fields on each "cards" record with unique random numbers in the range 1 - 90 (1- currentfoundcount, actually).

Then to move on to the next record and do exactly the same.

The signs are then displayed in "cards" using a relationship to field in the "signs" table which uses the Get(Recordnumber) calculation.

I hope that's clear. Any ideas on how to get a script to generate those numbers?