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FileMaker as Web Data Source

Question asked by Andy Hibbs on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by Andy Hibbs

We've a meeting tomorrow with a prospective client and, having only just received the brief for the meeting, we now don't believe FileMaker is the most appropriate platform for their requirements.


I'd appreciate hearing whether anyone is using FileMaker Server for a web based subscription service, where 100s of users (possibly 10000s in the future) are setup, possibly with self registration, some being charged to be on the system.


We don't believe the record numbers are going to be particularly high and this won't be a general public facing website for non-subscribers.


Our current view is that this is much better suited to pure web technology, possibly something like Drupal. The functionality and analysis required can be setup within FileMaker, but things like the user account management side isn't within FileMaker's standard comfort zone.


However, it would be good to hear whether someone is using FileMaker for something similar and how this is being approached.


Oh the sting in the tail is that this is a government related project.


Many thanks