Speed up the downloading of data from a REST'ful API....

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Sep 5, 2018
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Hi All,

We have a solution that “talks” to a big iron API and downloads products 10 at a time into FileMaker.

  • Good news: works, JSON data is being download, pretty-printed, parsed, and pushed.
  • Sad news: due to the large number of products, we measured that it will take 30+ days using only 1 FileMaker client.

The API is constrained to 10 products per call. (given/outside of our control).

The API can handle 10 clients, meaning we can run ~10x faster if we can come up with more FileMaker client installs.

Here are some of the choices up for consideration with pros and cons:

  • Deploy some mac minis
    • Pro: guaranteed to work
    • Pro: have the MacMinis
    • Con: some setup
  • Run PSoS sessions 
    • Con: require BaseElements on FMS 14.x which would make some people nervous
    • Con: more complicate to set up and monitor
    • Con: might not work/not tested
  • Run multiple copies of FileMaker on a single machine, either macOS or Windows 
    • Pro: they have enough licenses
    • Con: might not be possible
  • 10 shell scripts that run from a central control script that write JSON files to the hard drive that are imported and processed by FileMaker later
    • Con: Complicate to write
    • Pro: Cool
  • Leverage the web viewer
    • Con: not as close to the metal as the 10 shell scripts approached
    • Pro: Avoids windows escaping in powershell
  • Other?

Is is possible to run multiple instances of FileMaker Pro on a single machine? ...either:

  • Each in its own user account
  • Named differently

We were (unfortunately) not able to get an initial seed of all the data.



Tony White