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Filemaker Script function for Consecutive calculations. (Garment Size Spec)

Question asked by lowes on Sep 5, 2018
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I am new to the scripting process and I'd appreciate some help .

I think I've overdone the tutorials with out having a complete comprehension of all the options and now I'm confused as to the best way forward.


I have a size spec I am creating in my database. This shows the garment measurements which increase and decrease by set Grade Rules, Occasionally an item will have an inconsistent grade also.

The Sample size usually falls in the middle then the item is graded up in size and down in size.

If the grade is not consistent I need to enter manually without the calculation or the script.


I tried with Auto - calculations per field, this works with the grade, but I can not over ride this for the manually entered grade with ease. I also tried with repeating fields but couldn't get the calculation to populate each field.


With an insert Script I found that it was field by field and thought this is too much script plus it must be able to be automated??


Each spec is on the unique record and the data isn't really used for anything else (No other fields or tables).

Ive attached a photo of the spec with a brief outline of whats what and the top line filled in.


Thank you