Using text from field in calculation

Discussion created by charlesbailey on Sep 6, 2018
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I am trying to create a calculation using text from a field as the test for an IF function to return results OK or NOK. The 2 fields are in the same table. The text to be used is based on part of the field contents and does not appear always in the same position in the text.


I have saved a find request based on my requirements which works and have used the criteria found for the find request in my calculation. The criteria in the find request is :

                                   \"error_message\":\ null

This is used to find the following phrase in the field

                                   "error_message": null

I then created my calculation using the above :

                                   If ( SMS result = \"error_message\":\ null ; OK ; NOK )


When I select "OK" I get the message "A number, text constant, field name or “(” is expected here." The curser is then positioned just before the first \ . I have tried using various characters but now am at a loss.


Any ideas