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How can I manage FileMaker's large cache files on client machines?

Question asked by ehall on Sep 6, 2018
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I've noticed that FileMaker builds up a large cache file, filling up my hard drive beyond what I think is reasonable. Is there anything I can do to limit the space the FileMaker uses?


We are running FileMaker Server 16 with several hosted databases. Clients are running FileMaker Pro Advanced 16. Most clients are on MacOS.


In this particular example, I am running MacOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) and I start with about 12 GB free on my disk. I launch FileMaker and perform a script that loops through several hundred thousand records, reading related records and running GetContainerAttribute ( string ; "MD5" ) to calculate MD5 checksums. Over the course of several hours, my available hard drive space gradually decreases. Eventually, MacOS starts displaying notifications that my hard disk is running out of space and I should delete some stuff to free up space.


I can navigate to ~/Library/Caches/FileMaker/DBCache and see several cache files of moderate sizes, except for one that is over 10 GB. I quit FileMaker and delete the cache file. I reopen the database and resume the script. A new cache file is created that gradually grows until it takes up all of my hard drive space again.


I tried to find more information about this, but most of the discussions I found were about memory cache rather than these specific disk cache files.


Is this expected behavior? Is there anything I can do, either in MacOS or in FileMaker, to limit the sizes of these cache files that FileMaker creates?