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Printing Issues

Question asked by dustcloud on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by dustcloud

I am having trouble with printouts.

I have created the reports with a header that provides Customer & Invoice related data.

When I call the layout, and do a find for customer and all the tickets related for the invoice, all looks great. The customer information is there the other header info is correct, the related tickets for that customer are all listed. If I hit preview the report looks exactly as it should. BUT when I send it to the printer, it prints only one ticket and the grand total. All of the header information has printed as well.

I have noticed that every time I create a total on a portal, only the first listed item is totaled. I figure this has something to do with this problem.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day chasing a portal problem where only the first item had item totals, this morning I deleted the portal and recreated, all went to working. I am suspecting problems in FM causing these problems, but I am new to FM. Any help would be greatly appreciated.