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Hi everyone,


I was the Belgian guy ranting on Filemakers price policy about a year ago. I was away from Filemaker about a year now. But I never completely forgot about it. The idea of offering business solutions to small companies and startups kept simmering in the back of my head.


I left because I was frustrated from what I thought was an expensive platform for smaller companies, but also because I never completely could wrap my head around the licensing for Filemaker. I never completely understood the do’s and don‘ts from the licenses. I assume once you get it, it’s easy, but I got frustrated and left with a slamming door behind my back.


Wrongfully, now I understand. I still have questions about the licenses, but first I want to shed my light over me being wrong in the past.

I now understand that:

1. I never understood the licenses

2. Even if it would be expensive there is reason for it...


With reason for it I mean. I looked into a lot of different options, a lot of different platforms. And for almost all of them you have a lot more issues then you have with the Filemaker platform.

To begin with the steep learning curve. Listen up, I’m no codemonkey that breaths 1 and 0’s. I’ve had my fair share of database technologies in school, but that was 15 years ago almost. So I forgot everything I thought I knew back then.

So the expense gets well covered with the ease of developing a solution. Simpel or complex, it’s an intuitive platform to learn.


The second reason is cross compatibility over different OS’ses.

I don’t want to convince anyone to get an iPad, or PC, or Mac or whatever.

I’ve worked 12 years on Mac and been jumping back and forward. I don’t prefer one system over the other. They both have there pro’s and con’s. So like I said I don’t want to convince anyone to step to another system then they are working on for the last 15 years or more.

So begin cross compatible over various platforms + WebDirect is a huge huge huge advantage in my opinion.


The two reasons above make me decide to jump back onto Filemaker.

I’m following online classes to bring me up to speed and I’m quite excited about this.

So, Filemaker team and Filemaker lovers, sorry for me ranting on your system. You probably don’t care, but still.

Mea Culpa, I was wrong. I have let my emotions take over common sense and reason.


Then we get to the questions. Because I still don’t understand all the license options for the server part.

Imagine the next scenario.


My company has 6 clients.

Each client has his own solution with each time only 1 user using the database.

But for managing reasons it’s on a server to distribute, update and backup easily.


What do I need?

Do they all need Filemaker Advanced 17 (if they want to run software locally on their system)

+ I need to rent 1 server hardware + I need 1 server license for 6 users?



Do they all need Filemaker Advances 17

+ I need to rent 1 server hardware + I need 6 server licenses for each 5 users (the minimum)


Can anyone explain me in easy n00b level English what I preciesly need?

Because I could never wrap my head around this.

Most companies (a bunch of currently interested people) I would work with are in there startup phase and only have 1 or two users that will use the business solution simultaniously.



Many many thanks for your help. Your feedback. And your thoughts on the story unfolded.

Much appreciated.


Signing of-