Filemaker Go "Next" button / script trigger issue

Discussion created by wmyers on Sep 6, 2018
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Hi All!

I'm having an issue where my script trigger won't fire if I go to the next field via the "Next" button in Filemaker Go.

Here are the details:

FM Server 17

FM Go 17 (current version)


Invoice line items table as a portal on the invoice layout.

Start Time Field (time format),   End Time Field (time format),   Total Hours Field,    Billing Rate Field,   Line Total Field


The script trigger is "On Object Save" on the Start, End, and Rate fields recalculates the Line Total each time a value is changed in those fields.


On the Ipad when I enter the Start Time data and hit the "Next" button, the script will fire, when I enter the End Time data and hit the next button, the script will not fire. The line total is completely wrong.

The attached screenshot is what I get. Look at Line 3.


Are there any known issues with the Next button and Script Triggers?