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ESS to MySQL in FMS 13

Question asked by philmodjunk on Sep 6, 2018
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This is a system that we are working on migrating to 16, but some "teething troubles" have paused that process. In the mean time, I need an ESS link to some MySQL tables right away. I don't set up a lot of dsn's so it's possible that I've made some errors here, but the non-results that I'm getting also have me wondering if the MySQL ODBC driver that I installed is too "new" for this old a version of FileMaker.


I first tried a 64bit ODBC, got error messages and then went back and read the FM 13 help. It described 32 bit dsns, so I removed that dsn, uninstalled/re-installed a 32 bit version (8.0 ANSI) of the ODBC connector. Clicking test confirmed a successful connection, but when I go to add a TO to my relationship graph, it can't "see" the dsn at all.


Note that I used a custom install on the server to link to tables on a remote server being set up by a contractor that's working with us. I only installed the ODBC connector as we won't be developing on the server machine.


Did I need to install more than the connector?

Does FMS 13 require 32 bit as appears to be the case in 13's help files?

Is the 8.0 driver for a version of MySQL that's not going to work with this elderly install of FileMaker?