Discussion created by driedle on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by Brian Hamm

I am having a serious problem with the IOS App SKD 17.0.3


You have to enable "location services" and select "location updates" for the SDK to work correctly.


I have posted this as a bug, and I have not heard from FileMaker if they are working to fix this.


FileMaker 17 has an update that I have wanted for years, and I spent several months taking advantage of it.


Apple rejects the App from being deployed because location services are enabled and the App doesn't need it. I am frustrated beyond belief with this...


I spent money updating to FMP 17...I spent a great deal of time updating my App to work with FMP 17...and it looks like I wasted my time and money because it requires me to use a work-around that fails the app. It would be different I had some idea when this would be fixed. At least then there might be some idea about light at the end of the tunnel...


Right now, if there is no communication from fileMaker, I might have to revert everything back to a program ripped from IOS SDK 16, making all of my time and money wasted.



Dave Riedle