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Upgrading EC2 Instance on AWS

Question asked by Michael Frankel on Sep 6, 2018
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Hi Everyone -


I've got a FileMaker 16 Server running on an EC2 instance.


I've reviewed Amazon's exhaustive documentation on upgrading the instance, however it doesn't answer all of my questions. I'm hoping someone here has done this before and can fill-in some areas for me.


I'm assuming I need to shut down the FileMaker Server before doing the upgrade, however I'm still not clear on a few things.


First, they suggest making a snapshot of the EC2 instance before-hand, which I understand. Do I need to re-install FileMaker Server after the upgrade process?


Second, if I'm going from a t2-medium to a t2-large, how long does it take?


Lastly, will any other things change on the EC2 instance, like the password for RDP, Security Groups, Elastic IPs, etc?


Any help would be appreciated.




Michael Frankel

Wizard Consulting Group, Inc.