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Has anyone successfully copied container fields via the SQL API?

Question asked by jüho on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by fmpdude

I recently tried to manipulate table date without any round trips to different layouts by using the various plugins around. They offer SQL execution which is not restricted to the SELECT command and allow for updating and inserting of records in tables which would be really great to have in FileMaker. Several plugins offer this functionality but all of them face the same problem: Updating and inserting of files in container fields doesn't seem to be reliable. So obviously this is a problem of the SQL API. On a local database SQL commands to duplicate a record like the following seems to work fine:


"INSERT INTO mytable ( myContainerField, primaryKey ) SELECT myContainerField, 'newPrimaryKey' FROM mytable WHERE primaryKey = 'keyOfRecordToCopy'


Things get screwed up when I upload the database to a FileMaker Server. It still continues to work on the server if I don't change anything in the database, but as soon as I add a second container field, the copy just shows "Untitled.txt" in the container. The effect can be shown with the attached database. It requires the Base Elements plugin in the client. The behavior is identical if the script and the plugin runs on the server.


I would very much appreciate if anybody has an idea.

Thanks in advance,