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FM Cloud / AWS Question

Question asked by KrisYells on Sep 8, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2018 by Jason Wood

Can FM Cloud/AWS host 2 or more files with 1 account? I'm having trouble finding documentation on this. Maybe I'm searching the wrong terms?


My job is moving me to a new project and office. The first project is currently not hosted and living on my desktop.  I usually send coworkers spreadsheets and reports when they ask. Now that I will be across the country and starting a new unrelated project while working on the first, I would like to be able to host multiple databases with FM Cloud. Between the 2 projects, we might have 5 to 25 people potentially access at the same time. As the new project progresses that number will be reduced to about 5 at any 1 time.


Thanks for all the help guys.