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Using the Admin CLI- Questions

Question asked by tcwaters on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by beverly

I'm prepping to update our v16 servers to v17 and making an instruction sheet to follow so I don't miss anything.  I have never used the CLI before, but I'll have to with v17 as some of the settings I need are not in the Admin Console anymore.  That's not a problem, I'm glad to learn new things.  I hope this question isn't too dumb.


I've been going over the DeCorte/Blackwell white paper, as well as the v17 docs.


But my question is about the process to use in the CLI.


So I open the command line...

If I am correct, I do not have to cd to any folder, I can just enter commands, right? Do I have to login, or when I do a command, will I be prompted for a username and password?


example: fmsadmin set cwpconfig enablephp=true


After I enter a command, and hit enter, do I need to start and stop the server for the change to take place, or does the server do whatever it needs for the new conditions to be enabled?


Also- we use a two server set up with a worker box in the DMZ and our master box in a Server zone. 


So, I am guessing I have to do some CLI work on both boxes, such as installing the SSL Cert, right?  What about enabling PHP?  Currently, a separate web server connects to our worker box for PHP, so I'm unclear- do I enable it on the master server, the worker box or both?