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Help with Survey Database

Question asked by scottlynch on Sep 7, 2018

Help on setting up DB

I'm attempting to create a guest room maintenance survey and I'm having trouble understanding the paragraph starting  "Essentially to perform an equipment check" from the discussion I've linked to above.


I've followed the previous discussion through and believe i have the tables and relationships setup as described.

My question is do I start creating the first equipment check (survey) record from the EquipmentCheck table or the EquipmentCheckLists table?

When creating a new record in either of these tables its doesn't automatically fill data into the other, so I guess I need to create a script?

If someone could kindly expand the below paragraph from the linked discussion in greater "stepped" detail it would be most helpful.


Essentially to perform an equipment check, you will create an EquipmentCheck record using data from the EquipmentChecklists table (Equipment ID and Checklist ID). From there, you can copy the appropriate records from ChecklistItems into the EquipmentCheckData table. The user can then freely modify the EquipmentCheckData records with the results of each inspection data point individually.


I have attached a screenshot of my current tables relationship setup.

Many thanks in advance for any help.


Relationship Screenshot.png