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Many to many to many relationships

Question asked by Jean-Francois on Sep 7, 2018
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I have this relationships graph



On layout#1 that display jc0703_info table

I have a portal with projet_materiel_requis that works fine

projet_materiel_requis:jobm_item is a list of all the items that I need in a project and it's basically item in table projet_inventaire

projet_recette is another relationship that list for a specific item what is required to install that item.


What I don't get is the link from table jc703_info and project_inventaire


I was under the impression that when you create a new record of a secondary linked table, only the 1st record will be used to link them.


So from layout with jc0703_info with a portal with projet_material_requis, the 1st item that I will add (JOBM_item) in that portal will link the projet_inventaire to jc0703_info.


So if I ask what is the value of JOBI_Condenseur on layout#1 it should give me the value that is linked to projet_materiel_requis::JOBM_Item ---->Project_Inventaire::JOBI_Item ----> Projet_Inventaire::JOBI_Condenseur ??


Well, it's not, it's giving me another value, one that is still related to projet_materiel_requis... but a random one.

No sort are active in the relationships.


The funny thing is that I have another portal on that layout#1 that display Projet_recette data, and that one is showing the right data, so I don't understand how can I get the wrong value in Projet_Inventaire::JOBI_Condenseur ??


When I'm in a portal row, I will get the right value for that item, but when I exit the portal... the value is random, not the last one, not the 1st one, not the last, and it's not alphabetic order... it's random !


Hope the explanation was comprehensive ?