Issue with Filemaker WebDirect  using a WAN port other than 443

Discussion created by lapecandcie on Sep 9, 2018
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At work, we have a problem with our Filemaker WebDirect 14 solution since we have installed an SSL certificate with the PDF viewing.. Before installing it we used http connection and we don't have any problems. WebDirect applications are used mainly from the outside. In our LAN we have two servers which used the https port. So we need to access Filemaker Server 14 with the port number 444 and not 443 from the WAN. The problem is when we want to view PDF files inside a field container. We can't view them because Filemaker generate urls like these : instead of :

So it's not working at all and we get a beautiful 404 error message.

Our Filemaker Server is hosted into a Windows Server operating system and we use IIS as Web Server. I have tried to modify the web.config file but without success. Because with the generated url we point to the second server in our LAN.


Is there a way to modify the generated urls into Filemaker Server or anywhere else, please?