FM Go and MobiPrint Issue

Discussion created by MarcDolley on Sep 9, 2018
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I'm experiencing a strange problem with FM Go 16 and MobiPrint. We have set up a process to print labels to a Zebra printer via MobiPrint. The printing part works fine. The label pops out as expected and after a short (one or two seconds) delay, MobiPrint hands back to FileMaker Go. However, when FM Go comes back, the screen is frozen. Tapping buttons on screen does nothing at all. The only solution is to hit the home button on the iPad and then the FM Go app icon.


This brings FM Go back and is fully functional again. Here's the weird part. If the screen is frozen and you press a button, nothing happens. However, if you go back in there after hitting home, the action of the button pressed then runs. For example, if the script returns to a frozen screen showing layout #1 and you press a button that goes to layout #2, when it re-opens, it will switch to layout #2. So it seems to be recording the button press, but not displaying the result.


The process works fine for another client and I've checked it against the original file supplied with MobiPrint. Does anyone have any suggestions or experienced a similar problem?