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Is it possible to use CScript to run VBS script from Send Event Script Step?

Question asked by user2147216 on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by user19752

Anyone know how to use send event to run a vbs script with cscript? I have "cmd cscript " & $desktop & "create-shortcut.vbs " & "Quote " & "\" & ($pathToShortcutOS)\"" & " Shortcut.lnk" & "file.fmp12" This doesn't work at all. Error 100. "Create-Shortcut" is the title of the VBS script exported to the users desktop in the previous step. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks. My goal is to create a desktop shortcut on Windows to the FileMaker file that I export in a previous script step to a directory I previously create and export the file.fmp12 to. There is not a simple command line method of creating a shortcut in Windows like there is on a mac. Using a vbs file is the only way to achieve this on Windows. I think the issue most likely resides in my send event script step.