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Many-to-Many relationship and conditional relationship with portal

Question asked by markwa87 on Sep 11, 2018
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I tried to find a solution to my problem, but maybe it is not possible to implement my idea.

I created a database of archival files related it with persons, institutions and locations.

Now, I want to be able to say:

This person worked in institution A and B. This is a normal many-to-many relationship with portal, easy.

However, I want to specify: I want to say: This person worked in insitution A in department A1 as well as A5 and in institution B in department B4 (for example).

So my aim is, when I select a institution in the portal of the Layout Person, I want to have a conditional relationship to the departments. Meaning, in the next portal, I only want to see all departments of A and B, not C or whatever. That would be a One-to-Many conditional relationship.


So may idea was the following:


Table Pers         Joint Table PersInst          Institution Table          Department Table

PersID     -----    PersID                            

                          InstID         -------              Inst ID          -------      InstIDCV

                          BuildID                  ------------------------------------  BuildID



And then another Department Table connecting InstIDCV with InstID from the Joint Table and BuildID with BuildID from the Joint Table as well.


However, even with allowing the creation of new records, this construction does not work properly.


Has someone an idea? Or am I thinking far too complicated?