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When Do Tool Tips Render? performance

Question asked by badmonkey842 on Sep 11, 2018
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I am fine tuning some aspects of the UI and was wondering if there are performance hits on "excessive" tool tip calculations. My assumption is that the ToolTips are evaluated and rendered at the time of the "hover" & not at the time of layout/record load. this is based on a very small delay in the display of the tooltip. though the hover time to display could account for this as well.   anyway Is this assumption correct?


FWIW: I am trying to avoid additional calc / scripted calc fields that are not technically needed, but are helpful in some data analysis in some (Few <25%) situations. I was thinking that ToolTips can be used to accomplish this task, instead of adding additional fields and ultimately layout objects to display those helpful fields.   I tried searching forums and google, and couldnt find a direct answer on how it impacts performance