Custom Menu Index Lost after Crash and Reopen

Discussion created by EdwardMcPikeJr on Sep 10, 2018
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Product and version:  FileMaker Server 16.0.4 - developing with FileMaker Pro Advanced 17.0.2

OS and version:  Windows Server 2008 - issue shows while developing on both macOS 10.13.6 and Windows 10

Hardware:  Rackspace VM with well over the recommended specs for hosting.



We just ran into an odd situation.  Last week, a Hypervisor failed in our VM cluster set up on Rackspace and it caused our VM's machine to lose power.  Hard crash that broke FileMaker Server 16.0.4 (on Windows Server 2008) - service would not restart.  Successfully uninstalled and reinstalled.  Files passed consistency checks.

Today I noticed that I could no longer edit any Custom Menus (have Copy or Modified at the end, listed in first image below) in existing Custom Menu Sets for one file.  When clicking on the Custom Menus tab (shown in 2nd image below), it showed NONE, which was far from true.


Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 12.04.43 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 12.04.52 PM.png


Upon reading this thread and philmodjunk's suggestion, I recovered one of our backup files (using FileMaker Pro 17.0.2) and recovery found no issues.  Similar to what was was stated in that thread, when checking the Recover Log, I noticed that the Item Count for the Custom Menu catalog was changed from 0 to 34.


The index being missing would go with some other testing I did.  I decided to try to create a new Custom Menu and add it to an existing Custom Menu Set.  However, after creation, it was already attached to multiple existing Custom Menu Sets, telling me it must have received the same ID/index (1?) as one of my original Custom Menus.


Reporting as an Issue in case there is something in the FileMaker Server - Open File process where after a crash tthese indexes may be missed/dropped during Verifying (part of the open process) and Consistency Check (going by memory as to how they open after a crash).  According to the other thread, they have also lost Custom Menu Set and Value List indexes as well.  I understand that it may simply be a side effect of the crash.


How to replicate: I wouldn't try - have your server lose power causing FileMaker Server service to be inoperable.


Workaround (if any):  None really - might have to use the recovered file with the restored custom menus.