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missing file error

Question asked by greaterthandata on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by philmodjunk

I have multi-file solution where one of the files is no longer on the same network (we split the database into different physical locations).


In the main file, we still have an external data source setup in the primary file and some scripts and relationships connecting to the missing file.


Because we might eventually "reconnect" these two database files I'm trying to avoid deleting TOs from the missing file and instead hoping to control the situation by making certain there are no fields from the missing file referenced on layouts or scripts that the users are using.  I assumed that if a user never goes to a layout that has a field from the missing file, and they never run a script from the missing file and there are no field calculations that reference the missing file that the user is currently viewing or referencing then they user would never get a "please locate the missing file" error.


Are my assumptions above correct, or are there times that one file will call another file even though the user is not viewing a field from that foreign missing file?


In this case, they are getting the error regardless.  They are on a layout that I think has no reference to the missing file.  Then they drag and drop a PDF or JPG onto a GLOBAL container field, which we have a script trigger "on modify" which moves the container from this global field to a related table's (in the same file) external container field and then clears the global container field.  when this script runs, it shows the "missing file" error, at the exact script step where it performs a "SET FIELD" container field to be the global container value.  both the global container and the external container in the related table are located in the primary file ... so they never reference the missing file's schema.